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Roland Berger and Creative Dock during WEF AM 2023 asked the question: How executives can collaboratively navigate through the current multi-crisis environment

Berlin/Davos/Munich, 25 January 2023 – Roland Berger, global management consulting firm, and Creative Dock, Europe’s and MENA's largest independent corporate venture builder, hosted the second joint event for almost 80 C-suite executives from Europe and MENA at the margins of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2023. The event’s key topics were: How executives can collaboratively navigate through the current multi-crisis environment and be equipped for different geopolitical and macroeconomic scenarios.

The keynote, given by Michael O’Sullivan, Managing Partner at Harvest Innovation Advisory and author of The Levelling, was followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Ulrike Handel (former member of the Executive Board at Axel Springer) and Astrid Hermann (Chief Financial Officer at Beiersdorf).

O'Sullivan`s keynote speech touched on several topics that resonated in Davos in general, such as the rise of inflation, the end of globalisation and the shift to a multipolar world of large regions, the war in Ukraine, the rise of China's ambitions or the democratic recession in general, where, according to the Democracy Index, less than 7% of the world's population lives in a so-called full democracy.

Martin Pejsa, Founder and Executive Chairman of Creative Dock, says: "Societies and businesses around the globe are facing unprecedented challenges and the threat of prolonged difficulties – be they related to war, climate, energy, inflation etc. But despite these gloomy perspectives, Davos turned into cautious optimism among executive leaders, as the global economic outlook for the year ahead looked better than feared. Large corporations can play a major role in overcoming these hurdles. We already see those green energy investments or AI latest advancements also have a big potential. Today's organisations want to realise truly sustainable businesses. Europe and the MENA region need to invest in future competitiveness and leverage their current large assets, which will open the door to new innovative products and services for people. Corporate venture building can be the answer to overcoming global challenges, staying ahead of the competition and making a positive global impact."

Fabian Engels, Partner at Roland Berger, says: “Under the theme ‘Cooperation in a fragmented world’, the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum highlighted the imperative for dialogue and cooperation among stakeholders from all sectors. Our joint event lived up to this spirit, enabling discussions on navigating through the current environment to ultimately overcome fundamental challenges. This cautious optimism and the ‘can do attitude’ expressed in Davos are encouraging, especially in a time of multiple crises.”


About Roland Berger

Roland Berger is the only management consultancy of European heritage with a strong international footprint. As an independent firm, solely owned by our Partners, we operate 51 offices in all major markets. Our 3000 employees offer a unique combination of an analytical approach and an empathic attitude. Driven by our values of entrepreneurship, excellence and empathy, we at Roland Berger are convinced that the world needs a new sustainable paradigm that takes the entire value cycle into account. Working in cross-competence teams across all relevant industries and business functions, we provide the best expertise to meet the profound challenges of today and tomorrow.

About Creative Dock Group

In 11 years, Creative Dock Group (CDG) has grown from a disruptive startup into the largest independent corporate venture builder in Europe and MENA. Creative Dock Group is the leader of a growing young category called Company Venture Building. CDG helps large companies find and bring in new revenue by creating new services and products. CDG designs, builds and scales new products and services on this basis. Creative Dock Group operates primarily in Europe and the Middle East. Over the last decade, CDG has built more than 100 ventures in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa across different industries, including fintech, insurtech, e-commerce, retail, logistics, construction, manufacturing, telco etc. Creative Dock Group currently employs more than 500 people. CDG’s goal is to build ventures and products with their clients that will be used by one bn people worldwide in the next five years. Over the past year, Creative Dock Group has accelerated its growth and expanded its services by acquiring established European companies Spark Works, Switzerland’s leading innovation firm, and the German Rohrbeck Heger, a leading European strategic foresight firm, and FoundersLane, a corporate venture builder active in Europe and the MENA and the Czech IdeaSense, strategy and innovation company. CDG has key offices in Berlin, Zurich, Prague, Riyadh and Vienna. Creative Dock Group has a long list of clients, e.g. Adidas, Allianz, Ahold, Avast, Henkel, Mondelēz, Raiffeisen Bank International, Saptco, Société Générale, SwissRe, Talanx Group, Trumpf, Vattenfall, Veolia, JTI and others.


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